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Becoming Real

Just like the Velveteen Rabbit, I’ve been Loving mySelf into being Real. I’m not alone, as I’ve recently admired several friends, teachers and celebrities for their authenticity in writing and sharing to the world about what’s truly “up for them.” Not hiding, not pretending, looking messy and genuinely being human. For the month of March…

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Presence. How Are You Showing Up?

Presence speaks volumes, it’s your personal brand, your calling card, your advertisement. Presence also precedes strategies. Yes, how you show up will make a difference on how you are heard, how others perceive you, even how much (or little) they connect with you. Remember being at an event when a woman walked in the room and everyone turned towards her? Or, you felt drawn to meeting her? That’s called presence.

Let’s talk about it more and get into some practices around amplifying yours in the coming weeks!

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Loving Our Space

It’s not about how well decorated, feng shued or clean the room is, although those things can make a huge difference. Our Inner Space, is probably pretty full…do you take time to make space in your day for just You? This type of space is what feeds our Inner Power. ¬†That small investment of time…

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A Like-Minded Community

Women Leaders are strong, independent thinkers and also yearn for, and co-create greater impact, through the synergy of like-minded community. The perfect community is one where we are stretching to the next level, is representative of the income we earn, and the level of our role in our career. Acting as mirrors for us, as…

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