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Are You Ready for Prosperity?

Prosperity comes in all forms; money (of course), vibrant health & wellness, time, comfort, beauty, joy, love, nurturing surroundings and relationships…just to name a few! And, when we want more of any of this goodness, our mind will scream, “That’s not possible! There’s not enough time! I can’t be in a career that I love AND that gives me a good income!”

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Are You Ready to Toot Your Own Horn?

It often feels like we are being arrogant or pretentious when we toot our own horns. Yet, how else will others know what great work we are doing or if we’re ready to take on more if we don’t tell them? Many of us, especially women, were taught that bragging about ourselves was a no-no.…

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Seedling, Sprout or Plant. What phase are you in?

Are you ready to break out of your mold and shine? Or, are you feeling like retreating back into your shell? Nature, as always is such a beautiful teacher as we see Spring’s beauty popping up all over. Each day, as I walk around my garden, new seedlings and plants are showing up from the…

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Spring Cleaning?

It’s springtime, bringing showers, new flowers and budding trees…and spring cleaning, body cleansing, diets to get ready for shorts and swimsuit season. AND, time to re-evaluate if your Ego could use some clearing as well. Many times, we carry forward old habits, outdated patterns and learned ways of projecting ourselves that are no longer valid,…

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