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Inner Wise Woman

What happens when we are still and listen deeply? We just might hear our body talking to us! Our intuition is a body-based wisdom that is more true, more authentic and has a wider lens that the intellect we typically rely on for guidance. Ready to invite in your Inner Wise Woman for a chat?…

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Playing it Safe

Often we were told to “be safe.” Don’t “stand out” or “rock the boat!” Do you remember your mother telling you that? Or, do you tell your children something similar? Yet, as women leaders with big visions for change, the only way to create movement and navigate the shifts we are seeing in our culture’s…

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Rewriting Your Story

Often my inner voice tells me, “You can’t do that!” Or, “Who do you think you are?” Or that you need to do more, be more or have more… Does that happen to you too? Especially the more we are pushing the envelope, creating something new, shifting the paradigm! Maybe the voice belongs to your…

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Amplifying Mother Bear Energy

May is here, Mother Nature is in her full glory and celebrations of Mothers are all around us. And, how can we turn the Mother energy inwards? Nourishing Self, our dreams, our creative pursuits in an unconditional, uncritical and unapologetic way? Turning up our Mother Bear fire and passion is also needed; to stand up,…

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