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What is Sacred Success?

Sacred Success is the name of a book I read a few years back written by Barbara Stanny. And it’s been a guiding framework for myself and my life ever since.  I’ll share what it means to me. What it’s not: Sacred Success is not defined by number of clients, amount of money in the…

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All Will Be Well

Not knowing much more than her famous prayer “All will be well”, I was curious to learn more about this mystic priestess, Julian of Norwich, whose feast day is celebrated on May 13th. After reading both Britannica’s and Wikipedia’s accounts on Julian, this writing caught my eye. “All Will Be Well: The Radical Optimism of…

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Well, We’re Not There Yet…

Life, I realize is a continual work-in-progress. I AM a continual work-in-progress.  And, part of my learnings from the past year has been that you don’t ever get “there.” We might go around and revisit the same places, each time with a new perspective, a new twist and new learning. Remember when we were little…

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Musings in the Midst of Growth and Change

Have you ever woken up in the morning and just wanted to cancel the day? Feeling off and not in the mood to talk to people, go about with work responsibilities, even go for a walk? All things I enjoy normally! That was this morning. And, I had an exercise appointment, a blog deadline, incomplete…

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