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Burning Away for Clarity :: New Year, New You

The power of fire often reminds me of new beginnings…a new cycle in life that removes what was and sets the stage for new growth and what will be. As we enter a fresh, new year, celebrating the ending of the full moon cycle that crested on Christmas Day, we have an opportunity to embrace…

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Being in Flow :: The Beauty of You

With historical flood waters cresting in St. Louis, I’m drawn to the metaphors of water and how they reflect in our everyday lives. Where are we in flow? Where are we flooding? When we acknowledge the power of water, we are gently lead in an exploration of what happens when we have too much, too…

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Being Real

Just like in The Velveteen Rabbit, there’s a process to Becoming Real. Feeling vulnerable a lot recently… Is it the holidays? The media? The end of the year? My looming birthday? Waves of Fullness and Emptiness, feeling both Spacious and Small, Connected and Disconnected. Sometimes Both/And of these (previously thought) polarities. Surrendering to being in…

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Grace and Presence

True connections are based on coming from our innermost Self, the truth of who we really are. Attending workshops, conferences, networking events of any kind can keep us from being in our body, grounded in our power center (home). When we most want to reach out and make connections, if we are nervous or overly…

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