Activate Your Genius using the Gene Keys

Here you will learn how to awaken your Four Prime Gifts, the cornerstones of your particular genius in life.
An introduction to the work of Embodied Leadership through the contemplation of your Life's Work, Evolution, Radiance and Purpose paths.

As a student of The Gene Keys for the past 9 years+, and now a licensed Guide, I continue to deepen into the contemplation of my life in so many ways; through my services as an Embodied Leadership Guide, in my relationships, and in my dance with prosperity and finances. The more I dance with this mystical body of work, the more I feel my own Genius being activated, my ability to embody Love expanded and the ability to trust in my inherent value creates a receptivity to more Delight and ...(what is the rest of this sentence?)

The synchronicities between my trainings in Energetic Presence, The Leadership Circle Profile coaching and the Gene Keys are now weaving together into a new art form, the Embodied Leadership Guidance that I am ready to express and share.

As an invitation to this new chapter of my services in the world of cultivating and catalyzing leadership presence for women changemakers, this first offering was birthed as a response to a request to share a taste of this new expression. It includes a free profile and (3) 45 minute virtual coaching sessions to begin your journey.

Initial offering pricing at $300 for first 5 people

The path through your Activation Sequence is a simple, self-teaching journey that comes alive in your life as you walk it.

  • Transform your challenges
  • Activate your Gifts
  • Unleash your genius into the world

Our time together will be an opportunity to discover (or deepen) your awakening of your prime gifts of Life's Work, Evolution, Radiance and Purpose, which together, are the cornerstones of your particular genius in life.

Whether you are a newbie to the Gene Keys, or an experienced traveler on the journey, this community circle will allow for contemplation and greater awareness by sharing your gifts with others.

The Gene Keys are an invitation to embody and unlock the Genius within.
Through contemplation and self-study, this body of work can transform your challenges, activate your gifts and unleash your genius into the world.
Prior to coming together, please visit to generate your free profile. There's also lots of resources there if you want to begin your journey!

The Gene Keys are an invitation to begin a new journey in your life.
They are a journey of embodiment to unlock the vast wisdom and love that lies sleeping within your DNA.